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Indestructible Paint IP9064 Catalyst 5Lt Can

Indestructible Paint IP9064 Catalyst 5Lt Can
The IP9064 system of coating is a combination of 3 systems, which can be used individually or all three for total maximum protection
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The IP9064 system of coating is a combination of 3 systems, which can be used individually or all three for total maximum protection. Each of the 3 individual "layers" are stand alone products in their own right. All three are two part, air drying products as follows:

a) Pretreatment etch (or wash) primer A 2 part pretreatment acid based primer with filiform corrosion resistance for suitably prepared substrates. It chemically pretreats the surface to provide maximum adhesion and corrosion resistance. Suitable for use with synthetic and 2 pack epoxy and p.u. primers and a wide range of finishes. As a replacement alternative to several other products, it has similar properties of Def Stan 80-15, DTD 5555a, BSX 32 etc.

b) Epoxy Strontium Chromate Primer A 2 part corrosion inhibitive epoxy resin based primer resistant to all normal aircraft operating fluids. Resistant to filiform corrosion if used over a). it is suitable for indoor or out door use and over-coatable with various epoxy, acrylic, and PU. topcoats. With similar properties to BSX33, DTD5555A, 5567A, 5580A, 5599 and MIL-P-23377 primers.

c) 2 Part Air Drying Epoxy Finishes2 Part air drying epoxy finish for interior and exterior use. Used by Rolls Royce as both a decorative and protective coating, eg. Matt Black on fan frame composite casings, and an air drying marking paint. Initially available in the range of colours and finishes listed, this range will probably be increased to comply with customer demand. Resistant to abrasion, corrosion and most aircraft operating fluids and chemical, this range is also used for painting instruments and touching up our Textron grey stoving, and Pratt and Whitney Canada stoving engine systems. Similar to Mil 22750

The system has been designed to reduce confusion and therefore the least number of catalysts and thinners have been incorporated. The mixing ratios of base to catalyst maytherefore vary. Released to DTD5555, MSRR9064, Def Stan 80-161, similar to MIL 22750, the range is approved by several other aerospace companies.

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