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Ardrox 5503 Solvent Cleaner 25Lt Drum

Ardrox 5503 Solvent Cleaner 25Lt Drum
ARDROX 5503 is a clear, colourless, mobile liquid that is completely volatile.
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  • ARDROX 5503 is intended for use as a general solvent cleaner for oils and greases.
  • It may be used for a variety of cleaning tasks on all kinds of engineering components and assemblies.
  • As the product is completely volatile a treated surface is left in a dry condition.


  • ARDROX 5503 may be used by any of the conventional methods such as spraying, dipping, brushing or swabbing. Soak tanks should be constructed with a lid in order to minimise solvent losses by evaporation.
  • It is emphasised that when using dipping methods, grease and oil will go into solution and this will leave a film on the surface of components after evaporation of the solvent.
  • This problem may be overcome by rinsing in a second tank of the product; when the soil concentration in the first tank becomes excessive its contents should be discarded, the less contaminated solvent in the second tank is then used for the first stage clean and the second tank filled with fresh ARDROX 5503 and used as the clean rinse

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