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Toucan Sunmatch Golden Yellow Ink 67-Y50 1Kg

Toucan Sunmatch Golden Yellow Ink 67-Y50 1Kg
Toucan Series 67-00 Screen Inks. The two-pack epoxy resin system of Toucan inks has been specially formulated to give excellent adhesion on a wide range of substrates – often when all else fails.
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These include primed, enamelled and uncoated metal, glass, many plastics, printed circuit boards, laminates, wood and composite woods such as hardboard. Toucan inks have exceptional resistance to physical wear and aggressive chemicals, but are not recommended for prolonged outdoor use.

ABRASION RESISTANCE: Electronic control panels, domestic appliance fascias and melamine laminates are just some of the uses where Toucan inks provide strong and durable markings. Toucan inks are also widely used for notation work on printed circuit boards. They are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, and when fully cured, resist all common flux removal systems.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: The chemical resistance of fully cured Toucan ink films is excellent. They are resistant to many domestic products, such as; oils, hair lacquers, household cleaners and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

COLOUR RANGE: The Toucan colour range consists of 8 bright, lead free, C-Mix 2000 monopigmented mixing shades which when used with black, white and extender base can be readily mixed to produce almost any colour. See table overleaf for colour range.

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