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Innotec Double-Sided Moulding Tape

Silmid P/N: VAR0002145

Moulding Tape is a double-sided adhesive tape made from rubber. The special layer of glue on the tape is pressure sensitive.

Data Sheets

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Información del producto

The advantage with this is that the part to be glued can be repositioned easily time and again, without sticking too securely. When positioned in the right place the final adhesion can be obtained by pressing firmly.

Moulding Tape is resistant to temperatures of -40°C to +95°C. As a result of this and its perfect adhesion Moulding Tape is very good at absorbing the difference in expansion coefficient between the different materials. The dense cell structure means that the tape absorbs almost no moisture and is resistant to diesel and light chemicals.


  • Easy to apply and process.
  • Can be corrected within a short time (± 5 minutes).
  • Resistant to temperatures of -40°C to +95°C.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Resistant against: water, weak caustic se.

Surface preparation

The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease. Clean surfaces with Innotec Multisol orInnotec Seal and Bond Remover.

Application method

Apply straight from the roll and press firmly. Remove protective film and join both parts carefully. Parts can be repositioned within 5 minutes. When the parts are correctly aligned press firmly (for example with the InnoQuip Blade for Striping) to activate the pressure sensitive glue layer. Maximum adhesion after 24 hours.

Shipping information

Entrega internacional (entrega puerta a puerta) está disponible para países seleccionados en todo el mundo. Envío se calculan automáticamente basado en el peso, la ubicación y la naturaleza peligrosa de las mercancías. Los clientes también pueden elegir fábrica para arreglar su propia colección.