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Microcare ProClean Flux Remover 12oz Aerosol

Microcare ProClean Flux Remover 12oz Aerosol
Micro Care ProClean™ is a mild circuit cleaner made from a unique blend of pure alcohols. Safe for components, it cleans thoroughly and easily. People-safe ProClean is a great, affordable choice.
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Features of Micro Care ProClean

A combination of three ultra-pure alcohols, ProClean is a mild, plasticsafe, low-cost defluxer. Because it is a mixture of alcohols and they are ultra-pure — double-filtered and with less than1% water – ProClean delivers unexpectedly strong cleaning. (Many alcohol cleaners are 30% water, which lowers costs but weakens the solvent.)

ProClean works well on rosin fluxes, synthetic fluxes and most “no-cleans” but may not be strong enough for lead-free materials. It easily dissolves most flux residues, solder pastes, organic  residues and oils. Non-corrosive and ESD-safe, ProClean is compatible with all materials and substrates and is used on stencils, components, boards, displays, cables and connectors.

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