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Interflux IF 2005C Soldering Flux 1Lt Can

Interflux IF 2005C Soldering Flux 1Lt Can
Interflux 2005C, No-clean, halide free soldering flux is available to purchase from Silmid.
€16.97 IVA no incl.
€20.36 IVA incl.
8 Disponible
Número ONU: UN1993 CL3 II
Descuentos por volumen
€16.97+ IVA
€16.13+ IVA
€15.70+ IVA
€15.28+ IVA


Interflux IF 2005C is a low solids no-clean flux, especially developed for selective soldering in lead-free and SnPb applications. It is the version of the IF 2005-series with the largest process window in activity. IF 2005C is also suitable for wave soldering but IF 2005K and IF 2005M are the first choice for respectively lead-free and SnPb wave soldering. IF 2005C has excellent solderability with lead-free alloys and on virtually all finishes. It is resistant to elevated preheat temperatures, and to long contact times with a higher working temperature. This makes IF 2005C the best choice for selective soldering. This absolutely halide free flux meets the EN, Bellcore and IPC requirements. It is formulated to provide the best combination of solderability, ease of processing and highest reliability.

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