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Bluesil Primer 131 800gm Can

Bluesil Primer 131 800gm Can
RHODORSIL PRIMER 131 is an adhesion promotor for Room Temperature Vulcanising elastomers.
Número ONU: UN1219 CL3 II
Cantidad limitada: 1L
  • One-component (RTV-1): CAF,
  • Two-component (RTV-2): BLUESIL, RTV, CAF AXAD,
  • On a large number of surfaces


Rhodorsil Primer 131 is particaularly recommended for use with the following surfaces:

  • Aluminium
  • Polished andd unpolished stainless steel
  • Painted, zince plated and chrome plated steel
  • Polar plastics: polyamide, polycarbonate, ABS.


BLUESIL PRIM 131 is particularly easy to process because it is delivered ready to use. In all cases, it must be applied to clean, dry surfaces.

  • Apply with a brush or dry cloth in a thin, uniform coat.
  • After applying BLUESIL PRIM 131 it is recommended to wait 1 or more minutes to leave it time to dry, at room temperature, before applying, pouring or injecting the silicone elastomer on the primer-prepared surface. In order to avoid any hydrolysis problems, it is recommended not to leave the container in contact with atmospheric humidity.

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