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Stag Kwikfill 454gm Tin (2 Part Pack)

Stag Kwikfill 454gm Tin (2 Part Pack)
Kwikfill is a general-purpose, polyester resin filler suitable for a wide variety of applications, including motor vehicle body repair, concrete pipe joint, mould repair and pattern making.
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Número ONU: UN3269 CL3 III
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Kwikfill is supplied in two parts, and to assist in the mixing process, they are different colours. The resin component is blue and the hardener component is yellow. The two pastes are blended until an even green colour develops. This ensures that no unmixed material remains to reduce strength or adhesion.

The freshly mixed material has the consistency of a soft paste and can readily be applied and spread by palette knife. When cured, it adheres well to most clean, abraded metals and to dry, porous surfaces such as wood, concrete and unglazed ceramics.


Kwikfill is easily shaped by hand or mechanical methods using either wet or dry sanding techniques and can be finished to a fine feather edge without breaking or lifting. The finished surface will accept all normal paints, and is not damaged by the temperatures used in the cure of ‘low-bake’ stoving systems.

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