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Stag B (Red) Jointing Paste 500gm Tin

Stag B (Red) Jointing Paste 500gm Tin
Stag Type B is of thick consistency for use on surfaces made uneven by corrosion or those bearing heavy tool marks, etc.
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Número ONU: UN1993 CL3 III
Cantidad limitada: 5L
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If used on screw threaded joints, it is recommended for use on those fittings with a diameter of 13 – 38mm (½ - 1½ inch B.S.P). For fittings larger than 38mm (1½ inch B.S.P), it is strongly advisable to incorporate hemp (or fibre) reinforcement, suitably wetted with Stag ‘B’, into the threads. Jointings are ideal for use on all types of flanged or screw threaded joints and have been formulated to meet the most exacting requirements of the Automotive, Marine, Electrical, Plumbing and General Engineering Industries. Both grades are suitable for use on pipework carrying water, brine, steam, gas, fuel oil, diesel oil, petrol, Ammonia or compressed air.

Stag Brand Jointing Pastes are applied by brush to previously cleaned surfaces, free from rust, dirt, oil, grease, cutting fluid and corrosion inhibitors etc. We recommend the use of solvent based cleaners on the cut threads and not citric-based cleaners. This ensures all contaminates are removed. In normal circumstances they may be used with or without packing in accordance with normal pipe fitting practice. However, being thermoplastic, these jointings should be reinforced with hemp or wick when the joint is liable to extremes of temperature and pressure. For very coarse or rough threads use hemp or wick in conjunction with Type ‘B’ paste. For very rough flanged use Type ‘B’ with a Taylors Ring.


  • Meets British Standard 6956 : Part 5 : 1992

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