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Royco 560 Synthetic Turbine Oil (O-154) 1USQ Can *MIL-PRF-23699F Type HTS

Royco 560 Synthetic Turbine Oil (O-154) 1USQ Can *MIL-PRF-23699F Type HTS
ROYCO TURBINE OIL 560 (aka ROYCO 560) has been developed for the increased demands of the latest technological developments in gas turbine engines. With the advent of higher bypass ratio engines, higher thrust output, and consequently higher engine operating temperatures and pressures, this fluid has demonstrated a remarkable savings in lower maintenance costs and down time.
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  • Applications  ROYCO 560 was specifically developed for use in high performance turboprop and turbojet engines operating at higher temperatures, as well as industrial gas turbine engines, where longer engine life and higher thermal stability are required.

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