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Ambersil Penetrating Oil Low Surface Tension Penetrant 400ml Aerosol

Ambersil Penetrating Oil Low Surface Tension Penetrant 400ml Aerosol
Ambersil PENETRATING OIL is a high-grade lubricating agent based on a mixture of oils and penetrants in a blend of solvents. It has been formulated to offer quick and easy removal of seized and rusted components.
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Ideal for freeing nuts, bolts, screws, studs, pins, valves, machine parts, pipe couplings and pulleys. Can also be used for cleaning rusted surfaces of moulds, dies and heavy tools and for softening or removing carbon deposits.

Numerous applications throughout industry, including:

· Marine • Fork Lift Trucks • Chemical Plants
· Manufacturing Plants • Iron and Steel • Engineering
· Plant and Equipment Hire • Agricultural • Public Works
· Quarries • Paper Mills • Automotive

The product frees seized components rapidly and will lubricate and protect against further corrosion. It penetrates deeply and deposits and specialised corrosion inhibiting lubricant to facilitate re-assembly. Will not damage metals, alloys. paint, rubber, plastic or wood.

Aim the spray jet directly onto the seized component from 6"""""""" - 9"""""""" (15 -25 cm).

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