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Molypaul PBC (Polybutylcuprysil) Anti-Seize Compound 100gm

Molypaul PBC (Polybutylcuprysil) Anti-Seize Compound 100gm
PBC- organo-metallic complex for the prevention of seizure. Effective up to 1200°C. Protects screw threads, linkages, pivots and mating surfaces generally subject to severe temperatures, salt, water, chemical and galvanic corrosion. PBC may also be used as a non-melt lubricant on slow moving heavily loaded bearings at temperatures up to 150°C.
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Número ONU: UN3077 CL9 III
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  • Extreme Temperature Resistance
  • High Load-carrying
  • Reduces Fretting Corrosion
  • Resists wash off

Threaded Fastenings - Used as an anti-seize compound and torque reduction medium, PBC will not over reduce friction to a level which will encourage fastenings to loosen. Typical co-efficient of friction is 0.1 at 20°C.

Plain Bearings, Pivots, Trips & Slow Moving Mating Surfaces - As a protective grease, PBC acts as a lubricating seal to prevent ingress of water and corrosive solutions. PBC may also be used as a jointing compound and anti-squeal.

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