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Fuchs Molypaul PBC (Polybutylcuprysil) Anti-Seize Compound

Fuchs Molypaul PBC (Polybutylcuprysil) Anti-Seize Compound
PBC is a golden coloured compound formed by a combination of high performance lubricating solids, high molecular weight polymers and soft non-ferrous metallic powders. It does not include soaps, silicones or metallic lead. Lee mas
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PBC is suitable for use as a non-melt extreme pressure lubricant between slow moving surfaces and as a grease at temperatures up to 150°C. Above these temperatures and at temperatures up to 1200°C PBC forms oxide compounds that are effective as parting agents.


Threaded Fastenings: PBC® is a torque equalisation compound and anti-seize, for pre-stressed bolts, studs and threaded components. The co-efficient of friction is typically 0.1 @ 20°C. Independent testing is recommended.

Plain Bearings, Pivots, Trips & Slow Moving Mating Surface : PBC® is a protective grease that acts as a lubricating seal to prevent the ingress of water and corrosive solutions. It may also be used as a jointing compound on the joint faces of covers and gaskets. Mating Surfaces: PBC® is an anti-fretting medium where relative movement between plain bearing surfaces is of a low magnitude. Examples of such conditions are found on:

Plain Bearings & Splined Shafts (Vibration & high temperatures) :

  • internal surfaces of cement kiln live rings
  • braking mechanisms
  • bearing sleeves/rings and housings
  • splined shafts and serrations
  • geared / toothed couplings.

Roller Bearings (oscillating) : PBC® acts as an anti-fretting medium in rolling element bearings subjected to vibration and small oscillating movements. Such bearings are found in variable pitch blade fans, universal joints / cardan shafts, and the  thrust bearings of heavy vehicles. The bearing housings must be completely filled with PBC

Roller Bearings (rotating) : PBC® is designed for use as a protective high temperature non-drip/non-melt lubricant for re-greasable conveyor trolley wheel bearings and chain rollers with re-greasable rolling bearings. It can be safely used in conveyor bearings operating over plants and has no deleterious effect on either hot or low temperature acid phosphate solutions.

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