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Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener Clear 500ml

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The Ronseal Wood Repair System is an economical and effective curative, preventative, joinery maintenance system. It consists of three products: Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener and Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler. The Ronseal Wood Repair System offers a unique concept in the treatment of wet rot in external joinery.
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Wet rot is a form of decay that develops from a variety of fungal spores being carried into cracks and open joints by rain and condensation from the inner surfaces of glazing.Over the last 25 years wet rot in external joinery has become an increasingly major problem. It is estimated that there are currently some 10 million window frames at risk from decay.

The scale of this enormous problem has been attributed to three major causes:1.The use of sapwood in modern joinery manufacture.2.Design and manufacturing deficiencies in joinery products, which give rise to waterpenetration into their open joints.3.Use of lead-free paints and primers which are less protective against moisture penetration than traditional paint coatings.

These factors have lead to external joinery products becoming highly susceptible to wet rot caused by the colonisation of bacteria, moulds and fungi in moist timber. The symptoms of decay are easily recognised, wood becomes fibrous, soft and stringy – paint coatings discolour, crack and blister.Whilst replacement is possible it is costly and usually very labour intensive.The Ronseal Wood Repair System provides an effective and economical solution for the REPAIR of wet rot.

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