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Arrow Gladiator Drain Grease System 5Lt Bottle

Arrow Gladiator Drain Grease System 5Lt Bottle
Arrow Gladiator C218 is a revolutionary unique drain grease and odour control system.
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Gladiator rapidly softens fats and grease in drains, grease traps and waste gulley’s allowing them to be flushed away without blocking drains. Neutralises foul odours at source.


  • Rapidly softens liquefies and solubilises fats and grease deposits.
  • Clears fats and grease from grease traps and waste gulley’s.
  • Helps maintain peak flow of drains and channels.
  • Contains C11 derivatives to neutralise foul odours at source.


Waste Management
Gladiator may be used to solubilise and disperse fats in sewerage treatment, helping to keep wastes more fluid and at the same time providing very effective odour control.

Catering and Industry
Gladiator is ideal for use in kitchens, canteens, and food processing plants to keep drains and grease traps clear of hard fat deposits. Thus preventing blockage and maintaining optimum ?ow. May also be used to degrease and deodorise waste bins, waste tanks, gulley’s and chutes.

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