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Nuvite Nushine II Grade S Metal Polish 1Lb Tub

Nuvite Nushine II Grade S Metal Polish 1Lb Tub

Nuvite NuShine II is a high performance metal polish. NuShine II - S Final Finish -For the "Nuvite Look", Light Oxidation Removal, Polish Upkeep & Repolishing, Paint Finishing.

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  • Exceptional Surface Polish, With Oxidation and Corrosion Removal
  • Imparts Extreme Image Clarity to Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel, etc.
  • Easy and Economical to Use
  • Safe to All Aircraft Component Parts
  • Removes Spots, Stains, Cloudy
  • ""Undercast” and Orange Peel
  • Grades from Heavy Cut to Final Finish
  • Preserves and Protects Substrate From Further Oxidation
  • Extreme economy through very low material use and time reduction

NuShine II Grades:

  • NuShine II - A Light Oxidation Removal, Polish Surface Reconditioning
  • NuShine II - C Repolishing prep of already polished metal, Removal of Cloudy Look, Oxidation Removal
  • NuShine II - G6 “Smart Abrasive” - Quick Cut, Reduces to Fine Finish For Initial Polish of New Metals to Prep for Final Finish
  • NuShine II - F7 Removing Light Corrosion, Blending Scratches & Pitting
  • NuShine II - F9 Removing Serious Corrosion, Surface Blemishes, & Repairing Abrasive Pad Scratching in all metals. Also recommended for Prep of Non-Clad Aluminum Surfaces.

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