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Arrow C887 WR S3 Washroom Cleaner Concentrate

Silmid P/N: VAR0000189
De €18.18 (IVA no incl.) €21.82 (IVA incl.)

Arrow C887 WR S3 Washroom Cleaner is a versatile washroom cleaner and descaler, combining effective cleaning power with a fresh fragrance. It is an ideal degreaser for toilets, baths, showers, floors and fittings.

Data Sheets

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Información del producto

Britox Plus is a highly concentrated hydrochloric acid based cleaner which removes the toughest deposits of limescale, mortar, concrete and rust deposits from ferrous metal surfaces.

Concentrated 28% w/w hydrochloric acid formula is fast acting and economical in use. Contains corrosion inhibitors to reduce corrosion of ferrous metals. Special wetting agents cut through oil residues, aid cleaning and speed up aid penetration and removal of scale and rust.


  • Highly concentrated acidic product for rapidly removing the toughest deposits
  • Excellent trade brick acid and routine cleaning of concrete mixers, also removes algae, scum and general soiling from swimming pools
  • Concentrated performance
  • Suitable for use in the building trade, plant hire, tool hire and further maintenance environments
  • High concentration and special wetting agents help reduce clean up time and labour with minimal usage
  • Heavy duty performance

Typical Applications:

  • Construction and Plant Hire. Removal of concrete, mortar and plaster from mobile and static equipment, scaffolding, scaffolding clips and brickwork
  • Removal of rust and mineral scale from equipment and manufactured components
  • Mechanical Maintenance Removal of rust from equipment and components
  • Building Maintenance Cleaning brickwork, concrete surfaces and tiles
  • Leisure Centres Removes residues of scale and body fat from around the water line of swimming pools

Shipping information

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