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Bonderite C-AK 3878 LF-NC 21Kg Can (was Turco)

Bonderite C-AK 3878 LF-NC 21Kg Can (was Turco)
Bonderite C-AK 3878 LF-NC Aero, Low Foam Non-Chromated Cleaner
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Bonderite C-AK 3878 LF-NC AERO (known as TURCO 3878 LF-NC) is a clear, colorless water emulsion cleaner formulated to remove shop soils, marking inks, cutting oils, forming oils and lube oils from ferrous and nonferrous alloys. Bonderite C-AK 3878 LF-NC AERO has replaced solvent type vapor degreasing fluids thereby obtaining effective cleaning at reduced costs without the hazards associated with chlorinated solvent cleaning.

  • Nonflammable in concentrate or diluted form
  • Can be used with air or mechanical agitation
  • Low foaming at recommended concentrations and temperature Does not contain chromate or chlorine
  • Easily rinsed from parts with warm water
  • Noncorrosive to aluminum, steel, copper, titanium, stainless steel, plated metals and conversion coated magnesium alloys

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