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Bostik 7132K Solvent Borne Adhesive 1USG Kit *BMS5-127

Bostik 7132K Solvent Borne Adhesive 1USG Kit *BMS5-127

Bostik 7132K Adhesive 1USG Kit BMS5-127 is a solvent bourne, polyester resin based formulation supplied in two parts, Bostik 7132R adhesive and Boscodur 24T curing agent.

€204.20 IVA no incl.
€245.04 IVA incl.
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Número ONU: UN1294 CL3/1133 CL3 II
Cantidad limitada: 1L
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€204.20+ IVA
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  • After mixing the application it cures to provide tough, resilient bonds having good heat and creep resistance
  • A particular feature of this adhesive is the high initial bond strength it provides

Recommended Use

  • Specially designed for the vacuum press bonding of PVC sheeting to wood, fibreboard and most porous substrates
  • Due to its high green strength this adhesive system permits edge trimming to be carried out immediately after the laminate is removed from the vacuum former
  • Bostik 7132 will also bond with polyolefin foams, polyester films, most plastic laminating films, foils, sheet metal surfaces and to cellulosics in general
  • Bostik 24T is used to ensure the development of heat and creep resistant bonds


  • Meets the requirements of BMS5-127 Type 2 Class 2 Revision F

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