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AeroShell Piston Engine Oil W120 20Lt Pail *SAE-J-1899 Grade 60

AeroShell Piston Engine Oil W120 20Lt Pail *SAE-J-1899 Grade 60
AeroShell W Oils were the first non-ash dispersant oils to be used in aircraft piston engines.
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Commodity Code: 27101981
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Features of W120:

  • Promote engine cleanliness
  • Help keep engines sludge free
  • Help reduce oil consumption
  • Help engines reach TBO (Time Between Overhaul)
  • Protect highly stressed engine parts against scuffing and wear

AeroShell W Oils combine non-metallic additives with selected high viscosity index base stocks to give exceptional stability, dispersancy and anti-foaming performance. These additives leave no metallic ash residues that can lead to deposit formation in combustion chambers and on spark plugs, which can cause pre-ignition and possible engine failure.


  • AeroShell W Oils are available in four different viscosity grades:
  • AeroShell Oil W65 – AeroShell Oil W80
  • AeroShell Oil W100 – AeroShell Oil W120
  • The suffix for each grade corresponds to the viscosity of the oil at 210°F in Saybolt Universal Seconds.

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