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Rocol Sapphire Endure 700gm

Rocol Sapphire Endure 700gm
ROCOL® SAPPHIRE Endure is an NLGI No.2 perfluoropolyether based lubricant which lengthens relubrication periods dramatically due to its ability to resist degradation in hostile conditions.
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  • SAPPHIRE Endure has an excellent wide temperature range from -25°C to +280°C.
  • SAPPHIRE Endure has outstanding EP performance with a weld load of 500kg.
  • SAPPHIRE Endure is a chemically inert, nontoxic lubricant with extremely high oxidation and thermal resistance.
  • The product has an exceptionally long service life providing excellent cost effectiveness from extended lubrication intervals, reduced downtime and reduced labour costs.
  • SAPPHIRE Endure will have no detrimental effect on rubbers, plastics or metals

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