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Tetra Etch Fluorocarbon Etchant 5Lt Can (Freezer Storage <0°C)

Tetra Etch Fluorocarbon Etchant 5Lt Can (Freezer Storage <0°C)
TETRA-ETCH® Fluorocarbon Etchant The safe and easy way to etch fluorocarbon polymers for potting and bonding.
€760.22 IVA no incl.
€912.26 IVA incl.
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Número ONU: UN2924 CL3 II
Cantidad limitada: 1L
Peligroso para el transporte
Commodity Code: Under Review
Descuentos por volumen
€760.22+ IVA
€722.21+ IVA
€703.20+ IVA
€684.19+ IVA

Features of Tertra Etch:

  • Fast acting
  • High strength
  • Easy to use 
  • Guaranteed shelf life 
  • Available from stock

Features for Etching Fluorocarbon polymers:

  • Non-pyrophoric
  • Suitable for PTFE, PFA and FEP
  • Suitable for spot, batch or continuous etching
  • Suitable for thinning by adding TETRA-THIN™ thinner

TETRA-ETCH® fluorocarbon etchant is a non-pyrophoric chemical solution for treating the surface of fluorocarbons to make them markable, bondable and pottable. A sodium compound in the solution reacts with highly fluorinated polymers to form a reactive film on the polymer surface. Nearly any adhesive can be used on this treated surface. The active sodium in TETRA-ETCH® etchant reacts with the surface molecules of a halogenated polymer to form a carb¬onaceous film of free radicals. These radicals react with 02 and H2O and each other to form a layer of chemically active groups attached to the surface. These then react with adhesives and potting compounds to form a true chemical bond.


  • Wire and cable products
  • Electronic potting
  • Engineering components
  • Fluoropolymer sheet and tape stock
  • Medical or non-medical tubing
  • Printed circuit boards (PTFE or microwave)
  • Chemical tank liners

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