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Ardrox AV15 1Lt IPS 09-08-003-03

Ardrox AV15 1Lt IPS 09-08-003-03
ARDROX AV15 is a super penetrating, water displacing, heavy-duty, corrosion inhibiting compound (CIC). Forms a tack-free, firm film.
€49.73 IVA no incl.
€59.68 IVA incl.
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Número ONU: UN1139 CL3 III
Cantidad limitada: 5L
Descuentos por volumen
€49.73+ IVA
€47.25+ IVA
€46.00+ IVA
€44.76+ IVA

Range of Use

Applied as a coating to protect metals commonly used in airframe structures and in aerospace components from corrosion. ARDROX AV15 can be used in all areas of the airframe on painted and unpainted surfaces. It combines good penetration properties with excellent corrosion inhibiting characteristics and a low applied film weight. The viscosity of AV 15 is optimised to ensure an effective protective coating and to promote penetration into otherwise inaccessible areas of the airframe. Movable parts should be masked before treatment unless spray application can be controlled to prevent direct contact.

If ARDROX AV15 spray control or masking of movable components is not possible, then an alternative, soft waxy film CIC, such as AV 25 should be used.


ARDROX AV15 can be applied by dipping, brushing or spraying. For maximum penetration capability and the most effective corrosion inhibiting performance, spray application is recommended. ARDROX AV15 can be sprayed using either the specifically designed ACS -System (airmix application equipment), or the AAS - System (airless application equipment).

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