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Ambersil Amberclens 400ml Aerosol

Ambersil Amberclens 400ml Aerosol
AMBERCLENS is a unique anti-static foaming cleaner based on a blend of surfactants, solvents, inhibitors and water.
€5.86 IVA no incl.
€7.03 IVA incl.
44 Disponible
Número ONU: UN1950 CL2 N/A
Cantidad limitada: 1L
Descuentos por volumen
€5.86+ IVA
€5.57+ IVA
€5.42+ IVA
€5.28+ IVA

Features of Amberclens:

  • Ideal for cleaning stubborn or ingrained dirt from all hard surfaces
  • Invaluable where water is not readily available
  • Suitable for use on business machines and office equipment, domestic appliances, worktops, walls, machinery, plant and equipment, cabinets, casings, formica, vinyl and leatherette upholstery.

Unrivalled in performance, it quickly and easily removes all types of dirt, grease, stains, soiling and other contamination from hard surfaces and fabrics.

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