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ZOK 27 Compressor Cleaner 210Lt Drum - Ready To Use

ZOK 27 Compressor Cleaner 210Lt Drum - Ready To Use
ZOK 27 is a concentrated, neutral, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, water- based detergent cleaning fluid for cleaning and corrosion inhibition of gas turbine compressor.
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  • Biodegradable and made of substances that will decay relatively quickly into elements that are recycled naturally.
  • Large spillages: absorb with sand or earth and collect for disposal.
  • ZOK 27 is not classified as toxic or hazardous.
  • Blend of non ionic surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, organic solvents and demineralised water.
  • Clear pale straw coloured liquid with a mild, pleasant odour.

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