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Alpha AL330 Clear Dipping Latext Moulding Compound 5Lt Can

Alpha AL330 Clear Dipping Latext Moulding Compound 5Lt Can
Alpha AL330 is a prevulcanised latex producing films of very high clarity.
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  • A modified version of AL330 containing a specialised antioxidant is available as AL1121.
  • This product is used in the production of medical products including Catheters.
  • Alpha AL330 has been developed for use in latex dipping processes.
  • It has a low viscosity to facilitate a smooth uniform dip, and form a transparent latex film.
  • Alpha AL330 is particularly useful for the production of goods in which a high degree of transparency is required, e.g. teats, soothers and various surgical applications.
  • It is also used as a basis for balloon and glove formulations.

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