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Corrosion Inhibitive Sealants

What is a Corrosion Inhibitor? Corrosion Inhibitors are designed to protect your aircraft against leakage. The sealant forms a barrier to protect the airplane's aluminium alloys against any corrosion caused from contact between metal surfaces. Electrically conductive corrosion inhibitive sealants maintain electrical continuity in aircraft applications. This material provides excellent longterm EMO/RFI shielding against the common causes of corrosion on aluminium alloys or between dissimilar metal. 

Non-chromate, low gravity, corrosion inhibitive sealant designed for filling and smoothing gaps, slots and depressions on exterior aircraft surfaces. These sealants will resist aircraft fuels (aviation gasoline or jet fuel), oils and hydraulic fluids. Sil-Mid Limited stocks a range of Corrosion Inhibitors from PPG, PRC Desoto, LJF and Corban.

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