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Nielsen Revive Restore and Protect Kit

Silmid P/N: BUN0000034
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A Nielsen kit containing all you need to revive, restore and protect your vehicle. This kit contains 3 500ml bottles of Nielsen F1, F3, F10 and a perfection pad. 

Included in this bundle

Product Information

Nielsen L725 F1 - 500ml Bottle

Nielsen L725 F1 Revival is a heavy-duty compound designed to remove deep scratches and paint defects from vehicle paintwork. Supplied in a 500ml bottle.


  •  Nielsen L725
  • F1
  • 500ml Bottle

Nielsen L720 F3 500ml Bottle

Low temperature solution for longer working times. Designed for high coverage with low dusting. Large working range allows rectification of scratching of 1500 grit marking down to final polishing of light swirl marks. Perfect for modern scratch resistant clear-coats. Great for use on cars, bikes, caravans and much more in the automotive industry.


  •  Medium grade cutting, uniform particle size cutting compound
  • Removes scratches, paint defects and oxide film
  • Restores faded paintwork Easy to apply and remove

Nielsen L730 F10 500ml Bottle

Exceptional results by hand or machine. Low splatter and easy clean-up. F10 Perfect is great for modern scratch resistant and self-healing clear-coats. Suitable for steel, plastic, aluminium and composite bodywork. The silicone, ammonia and filler free formulation makes it ideal for use in body shops.


  •  High wax Anti-static polish
  • Fresh fragrance
  • 500ml

Nielsen EQ2003 Perfection Pad (Soft Black Pad) 150mm

The Nielsen Perfection Pad is a premium-compounding pad, ideal for bodyshop and professional use. Great for use on cars, bikes, caravans and much more in the automotive industry.Perfection PadPremium-compounding padIdeal for bodyshop professional use.