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Shell Industrial Product Identification

Through their industrial product portfolio, Shell offer a range of lubrication solutions for a variety of business sectors. Understanding the differences between these products is key in determining which product is best suited to a particular application, and the below information is designed to provide an initial framework for product selection. 

Brand Name 

Like most chemical families, the Shell industrial product range is mainly categorised by the type of product. These different groups can be distinguished by the different trade names that apply. Click below to see the brochure for the particular family of Shell product: 

Tier – Grade of Oil 

The grade of oil is identified by an ‘S’ followed by a number. The higher the number, the more efficient the protection provided by the lubricant.  

So for example, Shell Omala S4 provides more efficient protection than Shell Omala S2. 

Suffix Letter – Application Indicator 

Following the tier, there is an additional letter, the meaning of which differs depending on the product family. These letters indicate unique characteristics around that sub set of lubricants and can also identify the specific applications they suit: 

 Shell Gadus 

  • A – Wet conditions 
  • C – Coloured grease 
  • D – Contains solids 
  • OG – Open gear 
  • Q – Noise dampening applications 
  • T – Extreme temperature applications 
  • V – Versatile, lithium, lithium calcium or lithium complex thickener 
Oil on metal

 Shell Tellus 

  • A – Water tolerant 
  • E – Energy saving, high efficiency 
  • M – Manufacturing applications 
  • V – Versatile applications 
  • X – Extra/extreme performance 


Diagram oil in mechanism

Shell Omala 

  • E – Energy saving, high efficiency 
  • G – Gears – spur and helical 
  • W – Worm drive 
  • X – Extra/extreme performance 


Machine mechanism

Shell Spirax 

  • A – Axle 
  • ATF – Automatic transmission fluid 
  • D – Daimler/Dexron 
  • E – Energy efficiency 
  • G – Gear 
  • HD – Heavy duty 
  • LS – Limited slip 
  • M – Low maintenance or Mercon/MAN 
  • U – Allison 
  • V – Voith 
  • X – Multi-OEM/Multi-vehicle 
  • Z - ZF 


Machine mechanisms

 Shell Diala 

  • G – Gas absorbing 
  • I – Conforms to IEC specifications 
  • U – Uninhibited 
  • X – Fully inhibited 
  • Z – Insulating oil 


Machine parts

Shell Corena 

  • P – High pressure/Reciprocating (piston) air compressor 
  • R – Rotary vane and screw air compressor 

Shell Tonna 

  • M – Manufacturing applications 

Shell Morlina 

  • B – Bearings 
  • L – Low load 


Various Shell product tubs

ISO Grade – Viscosity 

The number that follows the suffix letter indicates the viscosity. This is the thinness or thickness of the material, and is measured using the ISO Viscosity Grade system. 

NLGI Grade – Shell Gadus 

As the brand name for the grease family, the Shell Gadus range has an additional number to identify the NLGI. This is consistency of the grease, and ranges from 000 (fluid) to 6 (block). More information on NLGI can be found in our Greases Explained article here.