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Nuvite Nushine Aircraft Polishing

The Nuvite Nushine II family of products form part of a procedural process for polishing aircraft metal and brightwork. Each chemical compound is graded to suit a particular step in the process, meaning no matter how bad your existing surface condition is, there is always an appropriate product to begin with. 

Nuvite Nushine II conforms to the following specifications: 

  • Boeing D6-17847 
  • Douglas CSD-1 
  • AMS 1650 
  • Boeing D6-9002 
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Compound Grades

The compound grades are the first step in the process, and these chemicals prepare the surface for final polishing by healing and repairing any defects in the metal. 

Nushine II F10 

F10 is a heavy cut compound for removing welding marks from the substrate. Suitable for use on stainless steel, steel and titanium, this light grey polish is the starting point for the most extreme cases and it is recommended that customers consult directly with a Nuvite technician before use

Nushine II F9 and F8 

These two compounds are suitable for removing heavy corrosion from substrates including aluminium, forged aluminium and stainless steel. Follow up use of F9 with Nuvite Nushine II C and finally Nuvite Nushine II S. 

Nushine II F7

F7 is used in areas of heavy oxidation on aluminium and stainless steel among other substrates. This compound provides a medium cut finish and can be immediately followed up with Nuvite Nushine IIS. 

Nushine II G6 

G6 is a polishing compound used to remove light oxidation and orange peel from substrates including aluminium, magnesium and titanium. Use of this compound can be followed immediately with Nuvite Nushine II S for final finishing. 

Nushine II C 

C is very similar to G6 but is more suited to already polished surfaces, removing oxidation and preparing the substrate for finishing. Again, use of this compound can be followed immediately with Nuvite Nushine II S. 

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Finishing Grades

Following removal of corrosion and oxidation, finishing compounds are used to bring the appearance up to a mirror like standard. 

Nushine II A 

Grade A is used for light touch up and re-polishing of surfaces, removing light stains and water spots from substrates such as aluminium, copper and bronze. 

Nushine II S 

Nushine II S is the final step in the process, and is suitable for use immediately after II F7, II G6, II C or II A. Use of II S provides a mirror like finish free of swirls and other marks. 

Nushine 11A & 11S pots
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