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Cho-Bond 360-208 Epoxy Adhesive Caulk

Silmid P/N: VAR0001399
From $305.96 (excl VAT) $305.96 (Inc VAT)

CHO-BOND 360 compound is an electrically conductive epoxy adhesive that combines the good characteristics of epoxy, and the superior electrical conductivity of silver.

Data Sheets

Download the Cho-Bond 360-208 Epoxy Adhesive Caulk technical data sheet (TDS) and the Cho-Bond 360-208 Epoxy Adhesive Caulk safety data sheet (SDS) from Silmid today. Once you have logged in or signed up, select the product size you are interested in and the datasheet will be visible for download if one is available.

Product Information

It is recommended as a thermo-setting EMI/RFI shielding compound, is excellent for poorly toleranced, non-flat surfaces which have been coated with a thin dielectric layer, and is effective even for designs requiring the use of a fillet as opposed to a flanged bead. Its coarse granular silver-plated copper filler will abrade thin oxides from aluminium, copper and galvanised steel, especially when applied between flanges under modest contact pressure.

Applications typically include sealing EMI/RFI leaks around vents, windows, and machined surfaces; the bonding, environmental sealing, and EMI shielding of cast aluminium housings; the bonding and shielding of conduit bulkhead passthroughs.

This product has excellent adhesion to dissimilar substrates. Because of its excellent adhesive properties, it should not be used if it is anticipated that the seam will be ‘broken' at a future date.

CHO-BOND 360-208 is a more moderate costing variant compared to its CHO-BOND 360-20 counterpart. It contains conductive filler in both resin and hardener, offers excellent shielding properties, requires no contact pressure, cures at room temperature and has good thermal shock resistance. Due to the higher silver content, 360-208 offers the best shielding when only a fillet can be employed. It has a one-hour pot life.

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