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Ardrox 185L Alkaline Rust & Scale Remover

Silmid P/N: VAR0000546
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Ardrox 185L is a highly alkaline concentrated solution in water containing sequestrants. It is also available as a powder under the name Ardrox 185.

Data Sheets

Download the Ardrox 185L Alkaline Rust & Scale Remover technical data sheet (TDS) and the Ardrox 185L Alkaline Rust & Scale Remover safety data sheet (SDS) from Silmid today. Once you have logged in or signed up, select the product size you are interested in and the datasheet will be visible for download if one is available.

Product Information

When used in conjunction with the adequate other Ardrox specialties (sold separately), Ardrox 185L can be used to remove scale from hot-end jet engine components. It can also be used for cleaning parts made of titanium.

Ardrox 185L is primary intended for the removal of heavy rust and scale from ferrous components in immersion tanks but it is also capable to remove oil, grease and some air-dried paints. It will not attack or cause hydrogen embrittlement in ferrous alloys and there is markedly less tendency for re-rusting to occur than with acid pickling

Ardrox 185L is usually used at a concentration of 30-50% by volume in water, depending on the amount of rust or scale to be removed. This corresponds to a concentration of 200 - 375 g/L of Ardrox 185 in water. Ardrox 185 must always be dissolved in cold water. There will be an exothermic reaction and the solution will heat up to 50-60°C / 120-140°F.

The Ardrox 185L is applied by immersion between 82 and 93°C (180 and 200°F). Agitate with mechanical agitation, do not use air agitation.

The immersion time will vary according to the degree of contamination, light rust being removed in approximately 10 minutes while heavy rust may take about an hour.

Run cleaning solution as per the instructions of the engine manufacturer standard procedure.

Thorough water rinsing must take place after the use of Ardrox 185L. If no further immediate surface treatment is to follow, the use of a dewatering and protective fluid such as an Ardrox 3-series is desirable to give protection from re-rusting.

If the components are heavily contaminated with oil or grease, the life of the Ardrox 185L bath will be prolonged if they are first degreased (e.g. with an Ardrox 6-series product).

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