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3M Surface Preparation

Protecting structural integrity and appearance is a big job that starts with the right pre-treatment. While traditional processes — such as acid anodizing and conversion coating — may provide acceptable surfaces, they can also produce significant amounts of hazardous waste.

Now, 3M offers an innovative alternative for modern bonding and coating systems.

  • Work faster with fewer steps — simply apply and dry
  • Water-based and non-chromate
  • Reduce water usage — no rinsing required
  • Designed to help users minimize impact on the environment

Pre-Treatment for Adhesive Bonding – 3M AC-130-2

High-performance, water-based, non-chromate surface preparation for adhesive bonding of aluminium alloys, steel and titanium. It’s faster and easier to apply so you can stress less and fly more.

  • Saves time — faster than other processes
  • Two-part system can be applied by multiple methods and during field repairs
  • No heat cure or rinsing required 

Paint Preparation System – 3M AC-131 CB3M AC-131 BB  

High-performance, water-based, non-chromate paint pre-treatment for use on aluminium, stainless steel and titanium. It’s designed for surfaces finished with epoxy based or polyurethane based coatings.

  • Saves time over conventional conversion coating applications
  • Reduces water use — no rinsing required
  • Proven to significantly reduce rivet rash
  • Compliant with SCAQMD Rule 1124*
  • Available in clear (CB) and blue (BB)
  • Qualified to work with paint systems from multiple vendors