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Aerospace OEM & MRO

The aerospace industry covers a vast array of different things including the research, development, and manufacture of flight vehicles, this can be anything from unpowered gliders and sailplanes, lighter-than-air craft (balloon, airship), heavier-than-air craft (fixed-wing and rotary-wing, military aircraft), missiles (rockets and missile system), space launch vehicles, and spacecraft (manned and unmanned).

The industry also includes major flight-vehicle subsystems such as propulsion and avionics and key support systems necessary for the testing, operation, and maintenance of flight vehicles.

Since we first tentatively left the ground to explore the sky’s above the technological progress and advancement in the aerospace industry has never slowed down in our search to go further, higher and faster. The aerospace industry, as a result, is a world leader in advancing science and technology.

Silmid has been supplying the aerospace industry for almost 40 years, with all the relevant industry and customer approvals held. We currently supply more than 700 customers around the world in this industry alone including OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), MROs (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) as well as many different tiers of the supply chain.

Landing Gear

Landing gear operates under extreme pressure during its lifetime from handling changing weather conditions and extreme temperature changes. Its also required to support the tremendous weight of an aircraft. 

Ensuring landing gear operates efficiently is vital to its longevity and the safety of the aircraft. Silmid stock and supply many consumable products to help protect and prolong the life of landing gear assemblies. 

  • Airframe greases 
  • Bearing greases 
  • Corrosion preventatives Solvents 
  • Shock strut fluids


Aircraft engines almost always fall in to two categories lightweight piston engines or gas turbines.  

These engines are built up of many moving parts that are put under strain by extreme temperatures and pressure. Ensuring these components are are protected helps prolong their life and improve engine efficiency. 

Silmid stock and supply products to prolong the life and improve the efficiency of aircraft engine both at the point of manufacture and during maintenance, repair and overhaul. Our range includes Hydraulic fluid, Turbine engine oils, Piston engine oils, Gear box oils & Cleaners. 

With a growing portfolio of products from major brands such as AeroShell, Castrol, Mobil, Eastman, Nyco and Socomore


Airframe design combines aerodynamics, materials technology and manufacturing methods that achieve balances of performance and reliability. Typically considered to include fuselage, wings and undercarriage the airframe makes up the mechanical sturucture of an aircraft. 

With modern aviation pushing the boundaries of aircraft construction and increasing use of composite materials the requirement for high quality consumables has never been higher.  

Silmid supply and stock a wide range of products designed for airframe use from major brands including PPG, 3M, Loctite, Arrow and Akzo Nobel. 

 The range includes Fuel tank sealants, Paints and coatings, Specialist tapes, Jointing compounds and corrosion inhibitive sealants.