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The Airbus Specification System

The majority of Airbus specifications can be broken down into two separate specification groups:

  • AIMS – Airbus Material Specification
  • IPS – Individual Product Specification

The AIMS specification is the full technical requirement, outlining the performance criteria that must be met for the application in question. This will be referenced in the form of AIMS XX-XX-XXX and should be included on the product label.

The IPS specification is given to an individual product to indicate that this has met all of the AIMS requirements and has been approved by Airbus. The IPS reference follows the same numbering system as the corresponding AIMS specification, with an extra two/three digit number being the specific product identifier: IPS XX-XX-XXX-XX.

 A working example is outlined below:

 AIMS 10-04-023– this is the material specification, outlining what a qualifying product must be able to do.

  •  Loctite EA9309.3NA AERO – tested and released to IPS 10-04-023-01
  •  3M Scotch-Weld EC-9323-150 – tested and released to IPS 10-04-023-02

As you can see, both the Loctite EA9309.3NA AERO and 3M Scotch-Weld EC-9323-150 are qualified to AIMS 10-04-023 and have been approved and tested by Airbus under their specific IPS references. The individual IPS references contain specific test requirements for that product.