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Technical Support

Supplying technical products into aerospace and other high specification markets requires technical support and backup. Our Technical Services team work with suppliers and customers to ensure the correct materials are used in the specialist applications required by our customers.

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

Many aircraft have a service life that has exceeded the availability of some materials. This combined with regulation changes like REACH can make sourcing the correct product a challenge. Our extensive database, built up over thirty years, combined with our experienced sales and purchasing teams, means that we are able to support customers that are sourcing hard to find or highly specialist materials.

Spec Support

Application Equipment

With many specialist products the method of application is as important as the material itself. Sil-Mid Technical Services can work with customers to identify the optimum application solution. This includes applicator guns, nozzles, mixing and dispensing machines and hardware. Our experience with Semco systems and being able to repack products assist with finding the correct solution.

Technical Support

Specification Support

Our Technical Services team are able to support customers that are looking to source products that are released to, or meet the requirements of, a range of specifications. These can include military Mil-Spec and Def Stan's as well as OEM specifications from BAE, Airbus, Rolls Royce and many others. All our orders ship with our Certificate of Conformity and trace back to the OEM certificate is standard.



Our DocuShare database was established in 2000 and now contains in excess of 250,000 documents. The document library contains Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheets, Product brochures, selector guides and specification information.