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Upcoming Product Transition

From the 1st December 2017, we will be launching the full range of Araldite 2014-2, Hardener HW 5323-1 and HV 998-1. These Adhesives will replace the existing Araldite 2014-1, and Hardener HW 5323 and HV 998. 

These changes are part of the Huntsman programme to provide adhesives that are more user friendly and sustainable. Huntsman will be introducing further new products with equivalent processing/technical performance and phasing out existing grades over the next year. 

For the new products we offer the full pack range as before, and for the working/multi packs have introduced a leaflet label to simplify the range. For full details refer to table summary. 

HV99800400 replaced by P0170337
HV998030KG replaced by P0170366
A20040014K will be replaced by individual components P0170337 and AV138001KG

Araldite 2014
A201400050 replaced by P0170340
A2014002KG replaced by P0170339
C139532320 replaced by P0170338

To facilitate this change we have included comprehensive side by side test reports, guidance information, technical data sheets and Material safety data sheets. We are able to provide samples of either 50ML cartridges for Araldite 2014-2, small cans or HARDENER HW 5323-1/HV 998-1 from our sampling agent.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at