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Introducing the New Packaging from Skydrol Hydraulic Fluid


Eastman Chemical Company have updated their packaging for their Skydrol Hydraulic Fluid Line. The new packaging includes all Skydrol Hydraulic Fluids and has no effect on the products themselves.


The move to a new line of packaging is to modernise the line's aesthetic and align the Hydraulic Fluids with Eastman Turbo Oils. The new packaging boasts larger product identification which is easier to read, highlighting Eastman's commitment to health and safety.


The transition in packaging will take effect from May 2016, but will gradually change depending on your geographical location throughout the course of the year. 

"Our decision to update the Skydrol line of packaging allowed us to take a product that is extremely reliable and widely trusted across the aviation market, and make it easier to identify and use correctly. The Skydrol products themselves will not change and will continue to deliver all the approvals, quality and performance that operators have trusted for more than 65 years."

~ Paul Fridman, Marketing Manager for Eastman Aviation Solutions.