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Introducing ROCOL® AEROSPEC 3052

Silmid are pleased to introduce the ROCOL® AEROSPEC 3052 to our product range with impressive features including extended shelf-life.

ROCOL® AEROSPEC 3052 is a new generation, high performance universal airframe grease that will lubricate 97% of the grease points on most commercial aircrafts and has been approved by Boeing and Airbus.

AEROSPEC 3052 general purpose airframe grease is a lithium complex grease containing a blend of synthetic base oils specifically developed for general airframe lubrication.

It has been developed to provide exceptional lubrication at low temperatures for bearings, sliding mechanisms and general airframe components.

AEROSPEC 3052 general purpose airframe grease has good stability in the presence of water, low water washout and provides excellent long term corrosion protection for high strength alloys.


  • Excellent performance in extreme temperatures ranging from -73°C to +120°C
  • Highly resistant to water wash-out
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance and wear
  • Excellent shear stability in the most extreme conditions
  • Extends life of components and mechanisms
  • 5 year shelf life from date of manufacture

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