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FCA replacing EXW on

FCA replacing EXW on

You will notice carriage has changed through checkout when arranging the collection of goods to be exported from our warehouse. We have replaced EXW INCOTERMS 2010 with FCA INCOTERMS 2010, below you will find an explanation of FCA INCOTERMS 2010 and how the service will differ from the current EXW service.

FCA - Free Carrier (named place of origin)

The seller delivers the goods, cleared for export, at a named place (possibly including the seller's own premises). The goods can be delivered to a carrier nominated by the buyer, or to another party nominated by the buyer.
In many respects this Incoterm has replaced FOB in modern usage, although the critical point at which the risk passes moves from loading aboard the vessel to the named place. It should also be noted that the chosen place of delivery affects the obligations of loading and unloading the goods at that place.
If delivery occurs at the seller's premises, or at any other location that is under the seller's control, the seller is responsible for loading the goods on to the buyer's carrier. However, if delivery occurs at any other place, the seller is deemed to have delivered the goods once their transport has arrived at the named place; the buyer is responsible for both unloading the goods and loading them onto their own carrier.

Who covers the logistics charges?

Distribution of costs according to the Incoterm negotiated in the contract. Classification according to the increased level of obligations for the seller

Packing  SS
Loading from warehouse BS
Pre-carriage BS
Export customs clearance BS
Handling at departure BB
Main transportation BB
Transportation insurance BB
Handling at arrival BB
Import customs clearance BB
Post-carriage BB
Unloading into warehouse BB