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Expansion of TOTAL Product Range

Due to the recent expansion of the Total Product Range, Sil-Mid now boasts an increased range of products; Piston Engine Lubricants both non dispersive and dispersive. 

TOTAL is a major supplier of aviation fuel: JET A-1 for turbine engines, AVGAS 100LL for piston engines and AVGAS UL91 for ultra-light aircraft with Rotax engines. It has earned the trust of its customers all over the world: airlines, flying clubs, professional and amateur stunt pilots, regardless of the branch of aeronautics involved. Serving 200 international Airports, from Johannesburg to Copenhagen, from Tokyo to Papeete, and more than 500 regional airfields in Europe, somewhere in the world TOTAL aviation crew members refuel an aircraft with JET A-1, AVGAS 100LL or AVGAS UL91, every 30 seconds on average.