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Cleaning Products For A Range Of Sectors

At a time when cleanliness and disinfection is paramount Silmid offer a wide range of cleaners for a range of sectors including aviation, industrial, automotive and aerospace, we have a range of products from leading global brands including Socomore, Arrow, Ambersil, Electrolube, Zok, Loctite and many more.

Our wide range of product includes various detergents, liquids, wipes, gels, degreasers, solvent cleaners and much more. We also stock a wide range of accessories for product application. Many of our products are proven effective against COVID-19.

Arrow Pro Sanitising Range

With over 50 years of commercial and industrial expertise in chemical manufacturing poured into the new Arrow sanitising solutions, Arrow have blended a new range of virucidal and biocidal products to rapidly and effectively clean, sanitise and protect both our customers and the places in which they work. The range contains both personal care products for hand sanitisation and products designed for hard surface in various pack sizes to suit all applications.


Virucidal (EN14476) and Bactericidal (EN13697, EN1276) disinfectant for multi-surfaces Disinfectant 20R is a ready-to use broad-spectrum water-based disinfectant solution for hard surfaces in industrial and institutional areas in order to control the hazard of cross contamination by virus or bacteria. 

Suitable for:

  • Offices/Conference Hall
  • Shopping Centres
  • Health and care facilities
  • Industrial
  • Aviation

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