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Changes to ARALDITE® 2021/2022

ARALDITE® 2021/2022 has been superseded by ARALDITE® 2021-1/2022-1

The new versions 2021-1/2022-1 offer the same performance as previous products and side-by-side comparison reports are detailed here & here.

ARALDITE® has introduced these changes to consolidate production of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) adhesives  to a dedicated plant in Europe. New production processes have been applied to ARALDITE® 2021-1/2022-1, with secured sources of raw materials. As a result the supply chain is simplified ensuring reliable deliveries to customers globally.

The revised products come in new packaging to improve storage suitability. PBT Cartridges are now used, enabling opened cartridges to be re-used avoiding blockages due to cured adhesive, and hence reduces wastage.