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Change of Trade Name from Redux® to HexBond™ for Hexcel Adhesives

The branding of Hexcel’s adhesives will be changing from Redux® to HexBond™. From the 10th September 2019 the branding has been changing progressively across the adhesives product range.

The Redux® trade name has long been associated with the manufacture of adhesives at Hexcel. In 2017, Hexcel acquired adhesives manufacturer Structil S.A.S. Vert-le-Petit, France, with its own adhesives range. To reflect the growth in Hexcel’s adhesives portfolio and to present a consolidated product family, Hexcel has decided to use the brand HexBond™ across all of its adhesives ranges and this mark will replace the mark Redux® for the adhesives.

Hexcel have confirmed that the change in branding only affects the product designation for their adhesives with respect to the trade name. The other elements of the product designation will still follow the same nomenclature as used up to now for the mark Redux® so in their adhesives designations the mark Redux® is simply substituted by the mark HexBond™ (e.g. Redux® 322-300GSM becomes HexBond™ 322-300GSM).

Accordingly, Hexcel has advised all its customers to update any internal documentation, databases or software to reflect these changes.

Furthermore, Hexcel confirms that the change in marking does not result in any changes in product formulation, or product performance nor does this affect their manufacturing locations, qualification or specifications.

Hexcel documentation including, but not limited to, packaging, labelling, MSDS’s and Technical Data Sheets, as issued from today onwards will also reflect the change in product marking. 

We advise our customers that the documents may contain mixed product marking until the implementation date and confirm that any changes in marking do not constitute an amendment of any order, sales contract or agreement.

Should you have any questions about the change in branding or how the new product marking may affect you please contact our customer service team.