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Arrow Shield - Non Flammable Reformulation

Arrow Shield NF is a new non-flammable product formula, with reduced cost in use and low odour, making Shield NF one of the safest in the market. 

Shield NF is formulated to provide excellent thin film corrosion prevention. it can also be used to de-water, flush away residues of oil, grease and other contaminants, this product acts as a deep penetrant into threads and mechanisms. 

Offering the benefits of the original trusted Shield, the new formula offers many extra benefits including reduced evaporation and safer to use with the non flammable formula. 


  • Highly effective corrosion preventative and moisture displacer
  • Also a versatile penetrant and light lubricant 
  • Classified as non-flammable
  • Use in trigger, low pressure spray or in dip tank applications
  • Pleasant odour

Arrow is fast becoming the manufacturer of choice, setting the standard for cleaning and maintenance across the UK and Europe. Click on the products below to view the standard and non flammable version. 


                                                                    Shield NF - Non Flammable                                                   Standard Shield