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Ambersil F-Gas compliant aerosol range


A new range of F-Gas compliant Ambersil products

Silmids Ambersil range now benefits from five new products that meet the F-Gas regulation, ensuring product availability and best-in-class performance.

Why the need for change?

The F-Gas regulation (EU517/2014) prohibits the placing onto the market any product with a calculated global warming potential (GWP) greater than 150. The standard measure of GWP is based on Carbon Dioxide (CO2) which has a GWP of 1. Traditional Dusters and Freezers used a liquified propellant with a GWP of 1,430. This no longer complies with regulations for continued supply. The new products utilise the latest available technologies to deliver the best results and meet specific end-user requirements - see diagram to the right

New products

Ambersil Air Duster 2 400ml Aerosol
Ambersil Invertible Air Duster 2 200ml Aerosol
Ambersil Duster One 200ml Aerosol
Ambersil Freezer Spray 2 400ml Aerosol
Ambersil Dust Remover 400ml Aerosol

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