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AeroShell Piston Engine Oils New Coloured Coded Bottles

New Colour Coded Bottles 

Same great formulation in color-coded bottles.

Shell Aviation are continuously innovating and inviting customer feedback to provide their partners top quality products that most effectively and efficiently meet the needs of their customers. Shell Lubricants globally has redesigned the quart bottles to one of higher quality with improved bottle construction and new shape. 

The AeroShell team took this as an opportunity to incorporate differentiated package colours in response to significant customer feedback requesting the “old” colour coded viscosity grades and products. There is zero change to any of the formulas, strictly a bottle change within our Piston Engine Oil portfolio 

The benefits of our new packing:

  • New bottle design – Colour-coded by product benefits for easy recognition. Improved bottle construction. Same footprint as our old bottle.
  • New back label design – Consumer friendly back label: new multi-page pull-out covering 14 languages.
  • New cartons and case configuration – Cartons now 6x1 quartz.

In the attached Briefing note, you'll find more information on all the changes including SKU/Material codes, ready for when the changes of the new bottle come in June for the EMEA.

PEO Briefing Note May 2019 Click to download the full note

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact your Account Manager who will be happy to answer any enquiries you have. 

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