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Aerospace Chemical Consumables 

The aerospace industry covers a vast array of different things including the research, development, and manufacture of flight vehicles, this can be anything from unpowered gliders and sailplanes, lighter-than-air craft (balloon, airship), heavier-than-air craft (fixed-wing and rotary-wing, military aircraft), missiles (rockets and missile system), space launch vehicles, and spacecraft (manned and unmanned).    

The industry also includes major flight-vehicle subsystems such as propulsion and avionics and key support systems necessary for the testing, operation, and maintenance of flight vehicles.

Silmid has been supplying the aerospace industry for over 40 years, with all relevant industry and customer approvals held. Aerospace customers from across the globe benefit from 24/7 access to our ecommerce website. Our aerospace customers have access to SDS and TDS documents, no minimum order value and access to products from over 400 manufacturers. 

Sectors We Supply

General Aviation

We are a respected name in General Aviation, we support a diverse customer base ranging from Private pilots to Microlights

Military & Defence

We supply the MoD and their contractors and service providers in more than 20  countries around the world.


We supply directly to airlines and aircraft operators, offering flexible solutions to suit all their needs regardless of size.

Aerospace MRO & OEM

We supply more than 700 customers around the world,including OEMs, MROs and other tiers of the supply chain