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REACH Policy

Sil-Mid Limited official response to compliance with the European Regulations “REACH” (Registration Evaluation & Authorisation of Chemicals.)

Dear Customer

REACH is a European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals. It came into force on 1st June 2007 and replaced a number of European Directives and Regulations with a single system.

Sil-Mid Limited is a distributor of a wide range of sealants, adhesives, coatings and other specialised products used in aerospace and aviation. We recognise the role that we have under REACH as a distributor. We also recognise that the REACH regulation places a heavy burden of communication within the supply chain and we fulfill our requirement to “pass” information downstream to our customers.

Sil-Mid Limited is working with our upstream supply chain to ensure that products that are passed through to the downstream user meet the requirements of the REACH legislation and to avoid any loss of supply continuity.

We have already seen that manufacturers are withdrawing and discontinuing products due to REACH requirements, often with little or no notice. This is particularly true of some niche small volume materials that have been in use within our industry for many years. The main product groups affected have been Sealants, Jointing Compounds, Coatings and Metal Treatments.

In response to our obligations under the regulation and enquiries from our customers, Sil-Mid Limited can confirm the following:

Supplier Compliance Information

We require all suppliers to provide updated Safety Data Sheets and REACH Compliance statements. Not all suppliers are willing or able to do this and as such some products may need to be withdrawn from sale. We are engaging with those suppliers to try and confirm compliance and will notify affected customers if products are then withdrawn. 

2018 Registration Deadline

Sil-Mid Limited is reliant on it suppliers to ensure that the appropriate compliance action is taken on their products. This may mean some products will be discontinued or made unavailable before the 2018 deadline. As and when we are informed of these changes we will update affected customers.

SVHC Notification

Upstream suppliers to Sil-Mid Limited are required to advise us of any products that contain SVHC in concentrations above 0.1% (weight/weight), so that we can fulfill our obligations to inform our customers. We contact customers in writing and will also add information to our website.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets are available on request free of charge and we require our suppliers to provide us with updated SDS displaying the correct format CLP hazard identification symbols.

If you require further assistance, clarification or technical support please contact us on 01675 432850 or e-mail

Yours faithfully

Sil-Mid Limited

Download a copy of our REACH Policy in PDF format here

Last review: February 2017