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Customer Services

I am having problems with the website, what do I do?

On rare occasions, users may experience some issues with using webpages. These can be caused by a number of reasons many of which are resolved by closing and reopening the web browser. If you experience any of the following problems, please call our Customer Services Team on +44 (0)1675 432850

  • The web pages are very slow
  • I cannot Sign In
  • The password I have is not working
  • I cannot see my agreed discounted prices
  • I cannot find the product I am looking for

Before calling, please make sure that your internet connection is working, that you have restarted your browser and that you have tried using the login details previously provided.

Why can't I place an order with Sil-Mid Limited?

We are unable to sell goods to members of the public for 'domestic' use. This is because we cannot guarantee that all of the products we sell meet the labelling and packaging requirements that are legally required for domestic use. We can therefore only offer products for "Professional and Industrial Use" only.

Domestic use — intended to be used by consumers domestic use

Professional use — intended to be used by professional users (but not at industrial sites)

Industrial use — intended to be used at industrial sites only.

If you are using for professional or industrial use you will need to tick a box confirming this either at registration or login and should then be able to continue. If you have further issues please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on 01675 432850 who will be happy to help.